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Girls Transitioning to Women: Bethany Brethren Community Center

(07-2000 - 03/2001)

Bethany Brethren Community Center (BBCC) is a small church-based social service agency located in East Garfield Park serving primarily children and teen girls in after-school programs.  In order to re-establish Girls Transitioning to Women (GTW), BBCC conducted a needs assessment. Yolanda Moore, the coordinator of the teen girls’ program, was awarded a CURL Community Fellowship and worked closely with CURL to train the girls to conduct the survey and analyze the results.

The young girls participating in GTW presented their experiences of the research at the CURL Friday Morning Seminar in March, 2001. The final outcome was an internal report, “Needs Assessment for Girls Transitioning to Women, a Program of the Bethany Brethren Community Center.”

Research Team 

  • J. Hoereth, CURL 
  • L.Von Dreele, CURL 
  • C. George, CURL 
  • C. Lambertson, Graduate Fellow, Sociology 
  • N. Rousseau, Graduate Fellow, Sociology 
  • J. Leslie, Graduate Fellow, Philosophy 
  • R. Abuinnab, Graduate Fellow, CORD 
  • J. Lugibhl, Bethany Brethren Community Center 
  • Y. Moore, Bethany Brethren Community Center 
  • M. Tupper, Undergraduate Student 
  • A. Harper, Undergraduate Student 
  • A. Thomas, Undergraduate Student 
  • S. Veele, Undergraduate Student 
  • Y. Juste, Undergraduate Student 
  • K. Nuth, Undergraduate Student

Community Partner 

  • Bethany Brethren Community Center