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Here you will find all of CURL's research projects and publications. 

Providence St. Mel – An Alumni Survey

(06/01/2000 – 09/30/2001)

This project was an assessment of the preparedness of graduates of Providence St. Mel High School, a private college preparatory school on Chicago's West Side.  The research team assisted in developing and updating a database of graduates. The team conducted a survey to determine students' activities and accomplishments since graduating from the high school. An internal report, entitled "Does Providence St. Mel Make a Difference in the Lives of Its Alumni? Results from an Alumni Survey" was produced.

Research Team

  • J. Hoereth, CURL 
  • C. George, CURL
  • C. Lambertson, Graduate Fellow, Sociology
  • N. Rousseau, Graduate Fellow, Sociology
  • J. Leslie, Graduate Fellow, Philosophy
  • R. Abuinnab, Graduate Fellow, CORD
  • Gael Byrnes, Providence St. Mel
  • Tim Ervin, Providence St. Mel
  • M. Tupper, Undergraduate Student
  • A. Harper, Undergraduate Student
  • A. Thomas, Undergraduate Student
  • S. Veele, Undergraduate Student
  • Y. Juste, Undergraduate Student
  • K. Nuth, Undergraduate Student

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