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Erie Neighborhood House Evaluation and Training


Courtesy of Erie Neighborhood House.

Courtesy of Erie Neighborhood House.

As part of the Sara Lee Foundation Chicago Spirit Award, CURL worked with one of the oldest settlement houses in Chicago to: 1) facilitate a comprehensive programmatic participatory evaluation process; and 2) develop education and training services that include participation in the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector Graduate Certificate Program and a seminar on human resources. 

Education and training sessions for staff were held.  Erie Neighborhood House began to develop an evaluation and strategic planning process.

Evaluation and Training

Research Team

  • L. Delgado, CURL
  • L. Orellana, Graduate Fellow
  • Y. Suarez-Balcazar, Psychology, Loyola University
  • E. Nieves, Erie Neighborhood House
  • R. Estrada, Erie Neighborhood House

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