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Transcending Boundaries: Investigating Domestic Violence among South Asian Immigrant Women (Apna Ghar Project)

(3/1/2002 – 6/30/2005)

In 2002, the Sara Lee Foundation funded a collaborative project between Apna Ghar Inc. and Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) to investigate:

• Effective models of service and outreach that are used to address the needs of domestic violence survivors within the context of South Asian immigrant culture and circumstance;

• The current status of policies and laws impacting immigrant women who access social services; and

• The incidence and the trends of domestic violence in Metropolitan Chicago, particularly with respect to the South Asian population.

Apna Ghar Inc. takes its name from a Hindi-Urdu phrase meaning “Our Home”, and since January 1990 has served over 4800 domestic violence clients. The mission of the organization is to provide multi-lingual, multicultural services including shelter to South Asian women and their children seeking lives free from violence. 


Research Brief: Divided in three parts:


Final Report:   


Research Team

  • Aparna Sen, Executive Director, Apna Ghar
  • Bharati Dev, Apna Ghar
  • A. Sharma, CURL 
  • C. George, CURL  
  • C. Sabina, CURL 
  • S. Plachta-Elliott, Graduate Fellow, Sociology 
  • R. Patel, Undergraduate Fellow 
  • T. Merwald, Undergraduate Fellow 
  • E. Nyden, Undergraduate Fellow 


Project Advisory Board

  • Carolyn Farrell BVM, Loyola Gannon Center
  • Denice Markham, Life Span
  • Deborah Putenney, Northwestern University
  • Sherizaan Minwalla, Midwest Immigrant & Human Rights Center
  • Angela Hernandez, Midwest Immigrant & Human Right Center
  • Barbara Engel, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority; Board Member
  • K. Sujata, Continuum of Care; CURL Advisory Board
  • Michelle Fugate, Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence
  • Leslie Landis, Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence
  • Sunny Fischer, Driehaus Foundation
  • Surinder Nand, VA Chicago health Care System; Apna Ghar Board
  • Ann Russo, Women’s & Gender Studies Program, DePaul University


Community Partners

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