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The Southwest Foreclosure Project



CURL worked with the Southwest Organizing Project (and their membership organizations), Neighborhood Housing Services (Chicago Lawn/Gage Park) and the Greater Southwest Development Corporation and examined the causes, effects, and potential solutions of home mortgage foreclosures in the Chicago Lawn and Gage Park neighborhoods.  This project seeks to identify where in these community areas foreclosures are most prevalent, and to determine what characteristics of these parts of the neighborhood (usually census tracts) make them more likely to experience high foreclosures. Furthermore, we want to examine the cause of mortgages going into foreclosure – namely whether specific types of loans more likely to result in foreclosures than others, whether specific actors (realtors, lenders, et. al.) connected to higher rates of foreclosure, and what types of borrowers are going into foreclosure.

The primary goals of this study was to identify 1) why foreclosures occurred in these neighborhoods; 2) why they were clustered in certain areas within the communities; 3) how the foreclosure rate relates to vacant houses; and 4) possible ways of dealing with this problem.

A report was given to the organization along with a profile book providing demographic and housing data for census tracts within the communities.

Final Report

Profile Book

Research Team

  • P. Nyden, CURL
  • N. Benefield Graduate Fellow, Political Science
  • S. Dwyer
  • T. Garnett
  • D. Hannah
  • A. Falcone
  • David McDowell, Southwest Organizing Project
  • L.L. Ang, Undergraduate Fellow

Community Partners