Center for Urban Research and Learning

Loyola University Chicago

Here you will find all of CURL's research projects and publications. 

Rogers Park – Community of Opportunity - Housing

(10/1/1999 - 11/30/2002)

CURL supported six community-based organizations to create a collaboration to develop and implement policies to maintain and create affordable housing in Rogers Park.  This was one of the projects in a 3-year initiative funded by HUD’s COPC grant.

A housing database was updated along with assessment of at-risk buildings and completed initial research as outlined by the coalition.  A report, “Gentrification and Affordable Housing in Rogers Park: Community of Change - Community of Opportunity,” was produced. 


 Research Team

  • K. Williams, CURL

  • M. Rohrbeck, CURL

  • K. Ebert, Graduate Fellow, Sociology

  • C. Giangreco, Graduate Fellow, Sociology

  • Tom Pigman, Family Matters

  • Bug Ogle, Good News Partners

  • Fran Tobin, Rogers Park Community Action Network

  • Cary Steinbuck, Development Corp, Rogers Park Community Council

  • John Pritscher, CIC

  • Ken Govas, DevCorp North

  • Kim Delong, Family Matters

  • John McIlwain, Family Matters

  • Kathy Vates, Rogers Park Development Corp

  • Mike Rohrbeck, PRIDE, Community Outreach Partner

  • L. Whelan, Undergraduate Student

  • M. Ursini, Undergraduate Student

  • B. Dooley, Undergraduate Student

  • D. Dettling, Undergraduate Student

  • T. Lyons, Undergraduate Student

  • S. Alipourian, Undergraduate Student

  • K. Kiran, Undergraduate Student

  • J. Dugan, Undergraduate Student

  • A. Satkunaratnam, Undergraduate Student

Community Partners