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Living Knowledge Network – International Science Shop Network

CURL is a primary U.S. partner working with a group of more than 15 university-based and independent "science shops" in ten European countries promoting communications and connections among collaborative researcher: community activist partnerships. Science shops are organizations created as mediators between citizen groups (trade unions, pressure groups, non-profit organizations, social groups, environmentalists, consumers, residents association, etc.) and researchers.

Outcomes include greater international cooperation on citizen oriented research projects, a newsletter, and an international conference. The project has been partially funded by the European Commission.   

CURL assisted in planning for the Living Knowledge international conference held in Seville, Spain, February, 2005 and Paris, France in 2007. We worked to strengthened relationships among international science shops in Europe and the U.S. Continued involvement in the Living Knowledge network is expected, including planning for the September 2009 Belfast conference.


Research Team

  • P. Nyden, CURL
  • D. Van Zytveld, CURL


Community Partner