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Chicago Housing Authority: Cabrini Hope VI Survey

(2/1/2000 - 12/31/2001)

This project was a participatory research evaluation with tenants at Cabrini Green to provide voice in the redevelopment of Cabrini under the Chicago Housing Authority Transformation Project (Hope VI) move to mixed income housing. Through the use of a survey of current residents, the project built a demographic profile of Cabrini households. This provided a baseline for the planning process.

An Internal report titled “Cabrini-Green Hope VI Survey” was produced.

Research Team

  • P. Nyden, CURL
  • J. Hoereth, CURL
  • C. George, CURL
  • C. Lambertson, Graduate Fellow, Sociology
  • N. Rousseau, Graduate Fellow, Sociology
  • J. Leslie, Graduate Fellow, Philosophy
  • R. Abuinnab, Graduate Fellow, CORD
  • L. Parades, Graduate Fellow, CORD
  • M. Miskovic, Graduate Fellow, School of Education
  • K. Greenberg, Chicago Housing Authority
  • A. Bitoy-Jackson, Chicago Housing Authority
  • A. Fitzpatrick, Chicago Housing Authority
  • Chicago Housing Authority
  • M. Tupper, Undergraduate Student
  • A. Harper, Undergraduate Student
  • A. Thomas, Undergraduate Student
  • S. Veele, Undergraduate Student
  • Y. Juste, Undergraduate Student
  • K. Nuth, Undergraduate Student

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