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Every Block a Village (EBVOnline) Evaluation


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The Every Block a Village Online (EBVOnline) program received Telecommunication and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP) funding to use Web TV technology to organize and inform the community about health related issues. CURL guided the participatory evaluation of this process. The team developed baseline measures, participated in leadership training, and assessed the project’s progress.

EBVOnline was recognized as a unique strategy at Harvard University’s Health and Internet conference in May, 2000 and was named one of six “Models that Work” in a national competition conducted by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. A report was written, entitled “Every Block a Village Online Analysis.”

Research Team

  • L. Von Dreele, CURL
  • L. Lomas, Graduate Fellow, Psychology
  • L. Kinney, Graduate Fellow, Psychology
  • Y. Suarez-Balcazar, Psychology Loyola University
  • Jackie Reed, Westside Health Authority
  • Emily Bancroft, Westside Health Authority
  • Claire Kohrman, Westside Health Authority
  • Christopher Masi, West Suburban Hospital
  • Harry Protrowski, West Suburban Hospital
  • Peggy Cassey, West Suburban Hospital
  • Patricia Wright, Community Leader
  • Sandi Tanksley, Community Leader
  • J. Trabadela, Undergraduate Student

Community Partner