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Analysis of Shelter Utilization by Victims of Domestic Violence

 (10/1/2007 – 03/30/2009)

Funded by the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority Loyola researchers in collaboration with the City of Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence (MODV) studied the dynamics of shelter utilization and how it relates to the process of and readiness for change among women who are victims of domestic violence.

The findings of this research were utilized by the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence (MODV) to improve service planning and to identify underserved groups. It also helped to identify housing needs of victims. Additionally, the research enabled us to better understand the process of change and points at which intervention may be especially effective.

Final Report

Research Team

  • C. George, CURL
  • S. Grossman, School of Social Work
  • M. Lundy, School of Social Work
  • G. Lopez, CURL
  • S. Crabtree-Nelson, Graduate Fellow
  • H. Hernandez, Undergraduate Fellow
  • M. Siwa, Undergraduate Fellow
  • V. Torres, Undergraduate Fellow
  • L. Landis, Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence

Community Partners