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Strategies for Using Whole School Climate Prevention to Support the Morale of Staff

The purpose of this proposed research is to develop specific strategies for using whole school climate prevention to support the morale of staff when experiencing unexpected change which increases teacher’s stress and may have a negative impact on student’s learning.  These findings will be the result of a mixed method study of an urban middle school that was targeted for downsizing in a large urban district and is now implementing school-wide prevention for behavior problems. 

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Evaluation of Medicaid Housing Demonstration Project

This endeavor is a process and outcome evaluation of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) Medicaid Supportive Housing Pilot Project in collaboration with AFC and Health Disability Advocates (HDA).  CURL and HDA will partner in this research, with CURL focusing on the process evaluation and analysis of outcome data. HDA will focus on the policy context and recommendations.

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Bethel New Life: Community Economic Development

The Center for Urban Research and Learning at Loyola University Chicago is working together with Bethel New Life in developing research to benefit the surrounding community. This emerging project will focus on key issues around community and economic development. Research goals will include utilizing GIS technology to create databases of information pertinent to the surrounding and Bethel New Life community.
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Chicago Girl’s Coalition: Youth-Led Research on Aggressive Behavior

The Chicago Girl's Coalition (CGC), which has a membership of approximately 60 organizations engaged in youth-led research on relational aggression in girls, particularly in communities of color. CURL reviewed existing research on this topic, presented it to the youth members of the coalition for their reaction, and provided research content for a web-based information clearinghouse on girl-on-girl aggression.
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Living Knowledge Network – International Science Shop Network

CURL is a primary U.S. partner working with a group of more than 15 university-based and independent "science shops" in ten European countries promoting communications and connections among collaborative researcher: community activist partnerships. Science shops are organizations created as mediators between citizen groups (trade unions, pressure groups, non-profit organizations, social groups, environmentalists, consumers, residents association, etc.) and researchers.
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