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Smart Growth and Equity Policy Development

The project documented existing local, community-based projects in an effort to include these voices in the larger smart growth development discussion. It examined how the benefits of regional economic growth might be used more effectively to address pressing social problems in these communities and the broader region.

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Rogers Park - Community of Opportunity - Child Care

The partnership created new options for child care in Rogers Park (and Edgewater). Such options addressed the needs of the diverse populations (i.e. diverse economic backgrounds and schedules of hours). Partners complimented the work of the Early Childhood Network (ECN) convened by State Representative Carol Ronen. A 3-year project was funded by HUD’s COPC grant.
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Collaborative Evaluation of The STRIVE Career Path Project

STRIVE (Support and Training Result in Valuable Employees) Chicago Employment Service, Inc., and the Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Urban research and Learning (CURL) collaborated on a participatory evaluation of STRIVE’s Career Path Project (CPP). STRIVE is a non-profit organization with a mission to help chronically unemployed, low-income adults enter the workforce and develop stable work histories.
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Bethel New Life: Community Economic Development

The Center for Urban Research and Learning at Loyola University Chicago is working together with Bethel New Life in developing research to benefit the surrounding community. This emerging project will focus on key issues around community and economic development. Research goals will include utilizing GIS technology to create databases of information pertinent to the surrounding and Bethel New Life community.
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Community Participatory Research to Support CTA Red Line Extension

CURL is working in partnership with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a faith-based organization serving Greater Roseland, to conduct a livability study of the impacts of a proposed Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Red Line Extension. The proposed extension would allow the CTA Redline to go beyond its current South branch terminal at 95th street to a new terminal near 130th street, with intermittent stops near 103rd, 111th, and 115th streets. This project builds on the partnerships that have been developed by DCP and its Red Line Oversight Committee (ROC) over the past 8 years to advocate for and support the Red Line Extension project.
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Erie Neighborhood House Evaluation and Training

As part of the Sara Lee Foundation Chicago Spirit Award, CURL worked with one of the oldest settlement houses in Chicago to: 1) facilitate a comprehensive programmatic participatory evaluation process; and 2) develop education and training services that include participation in the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector Graduate Certificate Program and a seminar on human resources.
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Housing Affordability Research Committee

The committee comprised of community-based organization leaders, citywide agency representatives, and university researchers. It built an independent, rigorous research database to inform public policy in the area of housing for extremely low-income families in the Chicago area. This was a joint project of CURL and the Roosevelt University Institute for Metropolitan Affairs and was funded by the Woods Fund of Chicago.
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