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The 1996 Chicago Latino Registered Voter Political Survey: Political Participation and Public Policy Positions


As part of the Midwest/Northeast Voter Registration Education Program, thirty volunteers were trained by Loyola faculty and graduate students to administer a telephone survey to determine the level of Latino participation in the democratic process. The research team published their findings in Harvard's Journal of Hispanic Policy

This article presents the results of a survey of 408 registered Latino voters in Chicago, Illinois. The findings advance a multidimensional understanding of Latino political behaviors and attitudes through the examination of multiple measures of political participation and opinions concerning political parties and public issues such as welfare reform, immigration, naturalization and official language policy, bilingual education, capital punishment, gun control, and affirmative action.

Journal Article

Research Team

  • D. Jesuit, Graduate Fellow, School of Social Work

  • A. Nircchi, Graduate Fellow, School of Social Work

  • M. Vidal de Haymes, School of Social Work

  • P. Sanchez, Political Science