Center for Urban Research and Learning

Loyola University Chicago

Here you will find all of CURL's research projects and publications. 

Inroads to Technology: Evening the Playing Field for the 21st Century

(07/1997 - 06/1999)

Community access to technology has become a critical issue in the discussion of sustainable community development and the economic viability of communities in the 21st century.  The Policy Research Action Group (PRAG), a now retired portion of CURL, established the Community Access to Technology Working Group to explore community access and training with regards to technology in the context of universal access within the City of Chicago. Additionally, the group sought to find out how technology resources are distributed in Chicago with particular emphasis on access at community centers, schools, and libraries. 

The group’s final report outlines the numbers and findings of the availability of technology across the city.

Research Team

  • P. Clark - New Galilee Outreach Advocacy and Technology Center, Co-Chair

  • B. Taylor, Ed.D. - Egan Urban Center DePaul University, Co-Chair

  • H. Cole - Malcolm X. College

  • J. Cole - Community Workshop on Economic Development

  • C. Harris - Computing Technology & Information Sciences

  • C. Hibler - Westside Technical Institute

  • B. Montgomery - Montgomery & Co.

  • D. Pasnick - Loyola University Chicago

  • A. Schorsch, Ph.D. - University of Illinois Chicago

  • T. Streit - Street Level Youth Media

  • Officer J. Taylor - Chicago Police Department

  • Commander M. Tolliver - Chicago Police Department

  • K. Unruh - Erie Neighborhood House

  • S. Wheldon - Chicago Public Library

  • J. Williams - Chicago Urban League

Community Partners