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Loyola University Chicago

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Evaluation of Chicago Housing Authority's Victim Assistance Program

(10/1/2010 - 6/30/2011)


CURL is partnering with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to evaluate their Victim Assistance Program (VAP). The VAP provides assistance to public housing residents who are victims of violent crimes that occur on CHA property or are impacted by a traumatic event.

This is a mixed-method project, which includes qualitative interviews, a survey of CHA residents, a case file review, and best practices research. The goals of the evaluation are to identify strengths of the VAP, challenges the program faces, and ways to improve the services.  At the conclusion of the evaluation, CURL research team will make programmatic and policy recommendations to the CHA.

Research Team

  • C. George, CURL
  • C. Rumpf, CURL
  • T. Given, CURL
  • A. Muccino, Volunteer
  • T. Hodzic, Undergraduate

Community Partner