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Loyola University Chicago

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Course-Based Philanthropy

(07/01/2002 – 12/21/2003)

The Course-Based Philanthropy Advisory Committee at Loyola University Chicago invite faculty to submit a proposal to participate in Loyola's newly-developed Course-Based Philanthropy Initiative. The initiative was made possible by a gift from Roger Grein, a Cincinnati philanthropist, who assisted in development of a similar initiative at Xavier University. The program was open to all schools and departments. In Xavier University's program Theology, English, Education, Marketing, Nursing, Finance, Music, African History, Biology, Occupational Therapy and Social Work have all participated. The Loyola Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) also provided faculty development fellowships and technical assistance for this pilot program.

 Goals of the Program

  • Enhance formation and learning among faculty and students using course-based philanthropy as a means to community engagement
  • Promote the integration of course learning objectives with community-based research and experiential learning
  • Challenge faculty and students by empowering them with philanthropic resources that require setting priorities, testing values and making decisions
  • Establish connections between the academic subject matter and the philanthropic process
  • Reach faculty and students who might not otherwise be inclined toward community engagement

Sample Philanthropy-Based Course Syllabi


Project Team

  • E. Coffman (Communication)
  • A. Figert (Sociology)
  • S. Gabel (Theater/Fine Arts)
  • C. George (CURL)
  • P. Green (Experiential Learning)
  • P. Nyden (Sociology/CURL)
  • L. Roy (Mission and Ministry)
  • J. Edwards (Psychology)
  • M. Vidal de Haymes (Social Work)