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Cook County Sheriff's Furlough Program Evaluation


Cook County Department of Corrections

Cook County Department of Corrections

A Department of Criminal Justice project evaluated an effort to decrease the incidence of HIV infection among participants in the Cook County Sheriff's Female Furlough Program located at the Cook County Department of Correction.

An internal report, “Evaluation of the Roots Project: Findings and Recommendations”, was written.

Research Team

  • P. Nyden, CURL
  • T. Holper, Graduate Fellow, Criminal Justice
  • A. Lurigio, Criminal Justice, Loyola University
  • Y. Suarez-Balcazar, Psychology, Loyola University
  • J. Weiss-Northcutt, Graduate Fellow, Psychology
  • Cook County Department of Correction
  • M. Howard, Undergraduate Student
  • M. Viano, Undergraduate Student
  • D. Hill, Undergraduate Student
  • D. Griffin, Undergraduate Student
  • A. Rodriquez, Undergraduate Student

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