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Community Needs Assessment Guide: A Brief Guide on How to Conduct a Needs Assessment

(September 2000)

The following is a community needs assessment guide designed by CURL researchers to aid organizations in identifying community assets and potential concerns.  The guide briefly details the steps of the Concerns Report Method beginning with the planning phases and ends with the implementation of action committees and the utilization of findings from the needs assessment.  

This needs assessment guide is intended to facilitate the work of community leaders, agency staff and university practitioners in identifying the concerns and strengths of a community and to develop initiatives to address the needs brought forth by the assessment process.  This includes the identifying the goals and objectives of a needs assessment, creating the survey, disseminating the survey, summarizing the data and releasing the findings to the community and writing a final report.

Needs Assessment Guide

Research Team

  • A. Sharma, CURL
  • M. Lanum, CURL
  • Y. Suarez-Balcazar, CURL