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Brighton Park Community Study 2004




The Brighton Park Neighborhood Council (BPNC) approached the Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) to conduct a study of the current housing, demographic, and economic trends facing the Brighton Park community. Project researchers and staff from CURL met regularly with BPNC staff to develop project goals, to identify key questions, to determine project outcomes, and to assess progress.

This study sought to provide the Brighton Park community a greater understanding of the issues and trends in housing, economic and demographic changes in the community. Primarily, this study sought to identify the challenges and opportunities facing the community.

Data was collected from a variety of sources, some of which is readily available to the public. Much of the data used in the study had been acquired by CURL during previous research and through various purchased data sources.

A report, entitled “Brighton Park Community Study 2004,” outlined key changes in the demographic and economic characteristics of the population over the past decade; assessed the current conditions and trends in Brighton Park’s housing stock, rents, sales prices, mortgage loans; and identified the key threats and opportunities in Brighton Park in regard to housing affordability, education, and service needs.


Research Team

  • N. Benefield, Graduate Fellow, Political Science
  • L. L. Ang, Undergraduate Fellow
  • P. Brosnan, BPNC
  • K. Drew, BPNC

Community Partner