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Affordable Housing in the Chicago Region: Perspectives and Strategies


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The following four essays were written in response to the need for frank and open discussion regarding the future of affordable housing in the Chicago region. These essays came about through a collaborative project of Roosevelt University’s Institute for Metropolitan Affairs and the Center for Urban Research and Learning at Loyola University Chicago, and their community partners called Housing Affordability Research Consortium (HARC).

While these essays are ultimately written in the service of helping to find solutions to the problem, the present goal is a more intermediate one: to create an argument credible to people in communities across the Chicago area that our current policies regarding housing our lower income residents is inadequate and that allowing the housing market to function as it has in the past will not address the resulting problems. It is our belief that achieving broad recognition of the scope and nature of the problem will be a major step in convening the leaders, ideas, investors and support needed to address it.

The four papers were commissioned to make the case that a public response is needed to address this issue and that it is unlikely to resolve itself on its own.

Research Team

  • P. Nyden, CURL
  • A. Sharma, CURL
  • J. Yousef, Undergraduate Student

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