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Here you will find all of CURL's research projects and publications. 

AIDS Foundation of Chicago Harm Reduction Study

12/1/2012 – 12/31/2013

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago has two projects: Samaritan Program and Medicaid Housing in which they have been collecting data and conducting client surveys every six months to measure the impact of the harm reduction approach.

For this study CURL will analyze the DE-identified administrative data from these projects and also access the data fields and survey design, recommending modifications in the data collection process and the survey instrument. In addition, we will conduct client and staff focus groups.


Research Team

  • C. George, CURL
  • J. Hilvers, CURL
  • H. Ramlo, Undergraduate Fellow
  • M. Sullivan, Undergraduate Fellow
  • B. Byrnes, Graduate Volunteer
  • K. Loewenstein, AIDS Foundation of Chicago 
  • D. Thomas, AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Community Partner