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Strategies for Using Whole School Climate Prevention to Support the Morale of Staff

5/1/13 – 8/1/13

The purpose of this proposed research is to develop specific strategies for using whole school climate prevention to support the morale of staff when experiencing unexpected change which increases teacher’s stress and may have a negative impact on student’s learning.  These findings will be the result of a mixed method study of an urban middle school that was targeted for downsizing in a large urban district and is now implementing school-wide prevention for behavior problems. Results of the analysis of prevention fidelity and outcome data will be combined with findings from qualitative focus groups and interviews of staff to provide insights in to the role of school climate and safety in supporting change.  Results from this study will provide information that agents of change in turbulent contexts can use to support the cooperation of their staff. Recommendations for coaching schools that are experiencing unforeseen change will also be provided.


Research Team:

  • B. Bohanon, Loyola University of Chicago, School of Education

  • D. Giroux, Loyola University of Chicago, School of Education

  • A. Wahnschaff, CURL Undergraduate Urban Studies Student

Community Partners: 

  • The Chicago Teacher Partnership Program

  • Loyola University Chicago, School of Education