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Consultation to the Metropolitan Battered Women's Network

The Domestic Violence Outcome Project had a two-fold purpose: first, to identify the long-term outcomes and needs of those who receive services from domestic violence agencies, and second, to establish procedures for on-going evaluation within agencies. Working closely with 15 agencies that are members of the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network, the researchers developed a survey to evaluate services and identify client needs. The services evaluated included court advocacy (e.g., assistance from an advocate in obtaining an order of protection), legal services (assistance from a licensed attorney with divorce or other court proceedings), emergency shelter, and counseling.

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Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network Court Watch Program

(2010 - Ongoing)

The Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network trains volunteers for the Court Watch program at the Centralized Domestic Violence Courthouse in Cook County. CURL’s research team is assisting the Network by entering, organizing, and analyzing the data gathered by the court watch volunteers.

Download 2010 Report The Court Watch Report 2009-2010

Download 2012 Report The Court Watch Report 2010-2012

Download 2013 Report The Court Watch Report 2012-2013

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Analysis of Shelter Utilization by Victims of Domestic Violence


Funded by the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority Loyola researchers in collaboration with the City of Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence (MODV) studied the dynamics of shelter utilization and how it relates to the process of and readiness for change among women who are victims of domestic violence.

Download Report Analysis of Shelter Utilization by Victims of Domestic Violence Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis FINAL TECHNICAL REPORT 

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From the Perspective of Diverse Users: An Evaluation of the City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line


The Mayor's Office of Domestic Violence (MODV) and CURL initiated a two-year collaborative evaluation of the City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line.  The evaluation accomplished three main goals: 1) it assessed the effectiveness of the Help Line's operation in serving domestic violence victims from Chicago's diverse populations; 2) it described the unique needs of domestic violence victims diverse populations and their experiences using the information, referrals, and linkages received; and 3) it examined key features of the Help Line model.

Download Technical Report Providing a Citywide System of Single Point Access to Domestic Violence Information, Resources, and Referrals to a Diverse Population: An Evaluation of the City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line 

Download Executive Summary From the Perspective of Diverse Users: An Evaluation of the City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line 

Download summaries of findings from each group of informants:

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Transcending Boundaries: Investigating Domestic Violence among South Asian Immigrant Women (Apna Ghar Project)


The Sara Lee Foundation funded a collaborative project between Apna Ghar Inc. and CURL to investigate effective models of service and outreach that are used to address the needs of domestic violence survivors within the context of South Asian immigrant culture and circumstance; the current status of policies and laws impacting immigrant women who access social services; and the incidence and the trends of domestic violence in Metropolitan Chicago, particularly with respect to the South Asian population.

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Download Final Report Hardly a Leg to Stand On: The Civil and Social Rights of Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence

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Providing a Way Station: A Study to Provide Employment Services to Immigrant Women Victims of Domestic Violence


This report examines an innovative partnership designed to assist the employment needs of immigrant women who are survivors of domestic violence. This report examines the first eighteen months of the partnership in which Apna Ghar referred twelve women to The Enterprising Kitchen's (TEK) training slots. It looks at how the TEK model served the needs of both the immigrant women referred by Apna Ghar and the general TEK population, which is primarily composed of African American women. Data was gathered from interviews, focus groups, participant observations, and a review of all TEK and selected Apna Ghar case records.

Download Final Report Providing a Way Station: A Study to Provide Employment Services to Immigrant Women Victims of Domestic Violence

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